Our breeding station was founded 3th of December 2003. Our first dog was female Annie. But very first Shar-Pei in our family was male dog Gamp (Floid Modrokvet), who sadly passed away. But he was the one who built love for Shar-Pei dog breed in us. He will always by in our hearts and because of that we named our breeding station to honour him.

There's been plenty things written about history of Shar-Peis so I'm not gonna elaborate about it. The same goes with the breed standard.

I can only tell after fifteen years spend with these beutiful dogs that I'm incredibly glad for deciding to live with them. They love their masters (mistress in my case), they are clean and very calm. On the other hand, they are kind of suspicios about unknown people. It takes time before they like someone and let him stroke them on the head. But when they love someone, it's forever.

Demands for veterinary treatment and health complications are the same like any other breed. The fact that Shar-Pei is predispositioned for all kinds of diseases is just not true. Some veterinarians is saying it to misinformed people, but don't believe it.